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City Symbol
This symbol is a stylized version of “Oita,” representing rounded, harmonious growth.
Established June 11, 1965

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Introduction to Oita City

 Introduction to Oita City

 Oita City Declaration of Peace

 Oita City Citizens' Pledge

 Oita City Flower

 Oita City Tree
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Oita City is situated in the middle of Oita Prefecture and faces Beppu Bay. It is blessed with a warm climate, lush greenery, and an abundance of natural resources.
Oita’s history dates back to the 4th century when it was called the “Land of Bungo.” From the end of the 12th century, the Otomo clan ruled Bungo for about 400 years. During the time of Sorin, the 21st Otomo feudal lord, trade with foreign countries was promoted, and Bungo flourished as the center of western culture in Kyushu.
In the 16th century the Otomo clan was overthrown and Bungo was broken up into many feudal domains. It was not until the Meiji Restoration in 1871, when the fief system was abolished, that Oita City became the central seat of government for Oita Prefecture.
During World War II, the central part of the city was burned to the ground, and postwar reconstruction transformed Oita into a modern city. In March 1963, Oita merged with five neighboring municipalities including Tsurusaki city, Dainan town, Oita town, Ozai village and Sakanoichi town to create a new and larger city. Oita was chosen to become a new industrial city by the Japanese Government in (January) 1964, and designated as a core city in (April) 1997. Oita has gained influence in accordance with its role as a major city. In January 2005,Oita merged with Saganoseki town and Notsuharu town.
The current population is 470,000. It continues to progress rapidly as the heart of Eastern Kyushu.

Oita City Declaration of Peace

 On December 24, 1984 Oita City made a declaration of peace, seeking the abolishment of all nuclear weapons, and hoping for everlasting world peace.

          【Oita City Declaration of Peace Text】Declaration of Peace Monument(at the entrance to city hall)

 Everlasting world peace is the universal desire of all mankind.

 However, in recent years development of nuclear armaments has continued, and they now pose a serious threat to both world peace and human survival.

 Our country was the first victim of a nuclear attack, and in order to ensure the calamities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never occur again, we must continue to tell of the horror of nuclear weapons, and to seek their complete abolishment.

 True to Japan’s constitutional idea of everlasting peace, Oita City hereby makes a “declaration of peace,” and vows to support the three antinuclear principles, and do its utmost to protect the peace and safety of its citizens.

Oita City Citizens’ Pledge

 Oita is a city with beautiful skies and clear water, and has the unique status of being the origin of western culture in Japan. It is our aspiration to be a “Bountiful City of both People and Nature.”

We, the citizens of Oita, have unbounded love for and pride in this city, and in order to better the development of our town, we hereby pledge the following:

 1. To love nature, and to make our city a green one.

 2. To feel joy in working, and to make our city full of energy.

 3. To support each other, and to provide for the welfare of the city.

 4. To love our home town, and to make our city warm and hospitable.

 5. To open our eyes to the world, and to create a cultural city of the future.

                         Established July 14, 1983

Oita City Flower

             City Flower: Camellia sasanqua

 The sasanqua camellia is one of Japan’s representative flowers, with a clean and trim beauty that appeals to everyone. It is the perfect flower to represent Oita city.

                     Established September 1, 1973


Oita City Tree

        City Tree: Elaeocarpus sylvestris var. ellipticus

 This tall, hardy tree is representative of Oita city’s continuing development.

                     Established September 1, 1973